Our Story

Our Story

Rosario Pino was the exuberant son of Italian immigrants, a dedicated family man who made his living selling the biggest and best fruits and vegetables to Rochester’s major markets. It was a time when generations came together to cook and eat together, when the conversations in the kitchen were half in Italian, half in English, and nimble fingers assembled gnocchis faster than any machine.

rosario_photoEven the store’s decor, with its aged, knotty alder wood, stone floor and distressed antiques, speaks to another time, mixed with the modern conveniences of hands-on cooking demonstrations in the Sub-Zero & Wolf Kitchen and a 40-inch digital screen that rotates real-time broadcasts with recorded classes and recipe ideas.

Rosario Pino’s offers the largest selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars in the region, a special section devoted to gluten-free products (pasta, pizza, cheese, cookies and more extensively tested for texture and taste) and a variety of artisan dried pasta from Gragnano, Italy, revered as the pasta capital of the world.

“We don’t just sell our products, we believe in them,” says Pino. “Every item in the store has been extensively researched and examined, and has been specially chosen for its authenticity and versatility, and is available for sampling.” Gary Pino, founder of Rosario Pino’s, has traveled extensively around the country, and around the world visiting the owners and manufacturing plants of the products he represents in order to ensure an honest and quality product.

Need help deciding or finding ways to use some of these unique food items? The store’s friendly and knowledgable staff can provide detailed, easy-to-follow advice on tailoring recipes to your family’s lifestyle and palate. The best food is simple, humble, faithful to basic ingredients that have been used for centuries to bring people together around the table.

Come in, reconnect with a time-honored cultural tradition, and let us help you create your own memorable dishes.

As the old saying goes in the Pino family: “You can’t get a meal like this in a restaurant.”

Buon appetito!