Rosario Pino's Artisan Foods

Our Story

FullSizeRenderRosario Pino was the exuberant son of Italian immigrants; a hardworking and dedicated family man who made his living selling the best produce to Rochester’s major markets and stores. After working a long day, he always made time for his wife Stella, his children, and family; more often than not, ending up in the kitchen. It was a time when generations came together to cook and eat together, when the conversations in the kitchen were half in Italian, half in English, and nimble fingers assembled gnocchi faster than any machine. He believed that food should be kept simple, honest, and made from the heart; and the best part of your meal should be the people you share it with. 

Even the store’s decor, with its aged, knotty alder wood, stone floor and distressed antiques, speaks to those days, yet it is accompanied with the modern conveniences in a state of the art Sub-Zero & Wolf Kitchen with stadium seating, mirrors to reflect working counters, and a large flat screen to enhance visibility for the stove top. Just as the kitchen was the heart of the home for Rosario and his family, the cooking school is the heart of Rosario Pino’s; hosting in-house chefs, local chefs, and celebrity chefs from around the country and abroad. He truly believed that the love of food was a gift, and one that must be shared, which is what we strive for daily, and in every class. 

Rosario Pino’s offers a unique collection of high-end products, and it all begins with our approach to purchasing them for our customers. “We don’t just sell our products, we believe in them,” says Gary Pino, founder of Rosario Pino’s.  “Every item in the store has been extensively researched and examined, and has been specially chosen for its authenticity and versatility, and is available for sampling.” There isn’t a product that makes its way to the shelves without going through a rigorous approval and testing process. We take it upon ourselves to visit the owners of the products face to face, see their origins, vineyards, manufacturing facilities and processes, to ensure that we are extending an honest and superior product on to our customers. Within the store, you will find an amazing selection of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, artisanal dried pastas, unique specialties, and even house-made fresh pasta, ravioli, sauces, pestos, condiments, and treats.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to stop into the store and sample some of the products for yourself, and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff; have fun learning about the products and getting ideas on how to make exciting dishes and do it easily with the help of our products. If you’re interested in a great night out, date night, learning more about food, or just in the mood for a great meal, you need to sign up for a cooking class before they sell out, because your next best meal, is always here at Rosario Pino’s.